At Silvermoon Chocolate,  each of our chocolates are handcrafted from the finest possible ingredientsraw, organic, dairy-free, and nutritionally intact

Raw Food Artist, Chocolatier, and Feel Good Foods Expert, Stacey Aradhana Silvermoon has created these alchemical blends of superfoods that invigorate the palate as well as uplift the spirit through the magical properties of raw cacao!  Her medicinal raw chocolate creations are delicious, innovative, nutritious, and sure to put a smile on your face.

For best results, enjoy in moderation as part of a lifestyle that includes lots of fresh veggies, deep breaths, exercise, and positive vibes! Experience the bliss and share it with someone you love!*

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 Silvermoon Chocolate - Medicine Ball

Silvermoon Chocolate - Medicine Ball

I call these medicine balls because I infuse a special blend of immune enhancing medicinal herbs into the base of cacao, almond butter, and coconut butter...including cat’s claw, camu camu, maca, pau d’arco, goji, milk thistle, bee pollen, raw honey, chlorella, spirulina, hempseeds, and a golden berry center...they are creamy and delicious – a customer favorite!!

Raw Cacao

Cacao (raw chocolate) has been used for centuries and was considered sacred and precious to many ancient cultures, including the Mayans and Aztecs. It was sometimes used as an offering to their gods, and therefore, the scientific name later became Theobroma, which literally means, "Food of the Gods."  The small seeds from the cacao tree, native to the deep tropical regions of the Americas, are the key ingredient in our beloved chocolate, and have brought such decadence and enjoyment to our lives. We are blessed to be able to experience the pleasures of chocolate on a deeper level because it is now available in it's raw, unroasted form, thereby preserving more of the nutrients, enzymes, and pleasure enhancing properties of raw cacao!



About silvermoon

Stacey Aradhana Silvermoon is an artist – musician, healer, herbalist, chef, on a vibrant path of well-being, balance, and creative expression. Working in the field of holistic health for 9 years, she has been cultivating knowledge and wisdom on the path of raw, living foods, studying with many experts. She has been a raw caterer for events and private chef for over 4 years. Her combined knowledge of nutrition, herbs, raw food preparation, natural medicine, and spiritual studies give birth to her alchemical food creations.

It is because of her knowledge that food is medicine, and her deep reverence for the cacao plant and other superfoods that she utilizes, that her creations prove to be so delicious and fulfilling!  She has deep gratitude to the Creator of all, who has bestowed such gifts upon us, that she may be able to provide such a service to the community and infuse her love and prayers into her craft.