Thank you so much! Not just for this order, but for all the hard work and dedication you guys put into making the world a little better. You and your husband have taught me some valuable truths about cacao that big chocolate industries don’t want known. You guys are truly inspirational!
— Kelli A, Asheville NC
Just placed an order. I just wanted to share that I order Silvermoon Chocolates as medicine for my family at Christmas. It is heart medicine. It worked well last year. I am doing it again. It is a new tradition! We, like many families, have difficulty not falling into old limiting patterns when we get together. Your Medicine Balls help lift the collective vibe and open our hearts more deeply to one another. It is a wonderful strategy to work with vibrational dissonance. No judgement. Just love and chocolate;-) May you continue to be blessed in your work! Lots of love to you all and Merry Christmas!
— Melissa A. Asheville NC
Thanks so much again. Words can’t describe your chocolate!
— Anthony P. Asheville NC
Our Medicine Balls | Superfood Infused Chocolate Bliss!

Our Medicine Balls | Superfood Infused Chocolate Bliss!

The heart and soul you bring and infuse into your cacao and work is appreciated and celebrated. Keep up the hard work as you are healing and helping make this world a more colorful and peaceful place to live.
— Aubrey, Asheville NC