Our artisan chocolate is proudly and lovingly made in Asheville NC


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Husband and wife team, Stacey Aradhana Silverman and Timothy Truth-I Lingenheld, are the founders of Asheville, North Carolina-based organic raw chocolate company Silvermoon Chocolate. They are also longtime practitioners/teachers of meditation and energy cultivation through their venture Dancing Star Well Being Arts, and lead singers of the folk/funk/hip-hop band I,Star. They  have been working with raw cacao for over 11 years, creating delectable, superfood-enhanced treats, while observing and experimenting with its physical and metaphysical properties. 

Their concurrent study of herbalism and energetics of various traditions has led them to a profound and unique perspective in the use of cacao as a sacrament, elixir, and catalyst for inner alchemy. Silvermoon Chocolate products fly off the shelves at health food stores, tea shops, juice bars in Asheville, and surrounding areas, while their booth is becoming a mainstay at music festivals around the country!

For more information about chocolates, wholesale accounts or simply placing an order, contact Aradhana @ 310-923-0460 or email info@silvermoonchocolate.com



Raw Cacao

Cacao (raw chocolate) has been used for centuries and was considered sacred and precious to many ancient cultures, including the Mayans and Aztecs. It was sometimes used as an offering to their gods, and therefore, the scientific name later became Theobroma, which literally means, "Food of the Gods."  The small seeds from the cacao tree, native to the deep tropical regions of the Americas, are the key ingredient in our beloved chocolate, and have brought such decadence and enjoyment to our lives. We are blessed to be able to experience the pleasures of chocolate on a deeper level because it is now available in it's raw, unroasted form, thereby preserving more of the nutrients, enzymes, and pleasure enhancing properties of raw cacao!

Cacao is known to have the following properties:

  • Diminishes appetite and aids in weight loss*
  • Contains more Magnesium than any other food—which is the number 1 mineral deficiency in the west, and ironically, the most powerful stress-relieving mineral. 
  •  Magnesium also relaxes the muscles and builds strong bones and teeth.
  • Increases sensuality and beauty* (rich in sulphur--the beauty mineral. Sulphur is   essential for gorgeous skin, lustrous hair and strong nails.)
  • Helps to heal and open the heart*
  • Nourishes the intellect and attracts prosperity*
  • Anti-depressant with dopamine, serotonin, and phenylethylamine helping to  alleviate depression, has "bliss feeling" anandamide compound*
  • Shown to lower blood pressure*