Chocolate Church
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Chocolate Church

Chocolate Church has arisen from our 10+ years experience of using cacao in our spiritual practice as a medicinal sacrament and focuses on creating a container for contemplation and deep inquiry. We have observed that chocolate, and especially a strong brew of cacao, made with love and intention opens gateways in the human heart and spirit, and when combined with inward contemplation, reflection on the Divine, and fellowship in a safe container, it proves a warm and gentle catalyst to greater states of gratitude, compassion for Self and others, forgiveness, and peace.

Our Chocolate Church meeting invokes the ancient root word for church- circe/cirke (circle), and involves the use of deep inward exploration through a period of silent meditation, followed by an exercise of “active listening.” Modeled in part after a Quaker meeting, participants are asked to reflect inward, listen deeply, practice discernment and share as the Spirit inspires.

In this way we receive reflections, messages, lessons, and wisdom from our collective which leads to further contemplation of purpose, presence, and service to the greater good. With the assistance of the Cacao medicine we are enabled to journey more deeply into our heartspace to connect with each other and the Divine.

This section is followed by facilitation that leads into a community forum where profound discussion is fostered. There will be singing, silence, listening, wisdom, and opportunity to commune with self, Great Spirit and each other. All feelings are welcome in this safe, sacred container harnessing the potential for great growth and love.

In the months that we are not traveling to festivals, we host Chocolate Church at our space near downtown Asheville, every Sunday, from 1-3pm.  See our Facebook page for details

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Lovelight Yoga+Arts Festival
to Sep 24

Lovelight Yoga+Arts Festival

We are delighted to be sharing our music and cacao at this incredible event, featuring stellar musical performances, yoga classes and workshops. Our Silvermoon Chocolate booth will be there to provide for all of your festival superfuel needs! We will also be hosting several cacao ceremonies, including two sessions of Chocolate Church on Sunday, which will be offered through the Learning Lab. You can register here for Cacao Ceremony and/or Chocolate Church and receive a discount on your festival ticket!

We will be performing our original music as I,Star on Saturday at 3:30pm. Hope to see you there!

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