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The Silvermoon Medicine Ball

Most great ideas and products spring from the mind of someone forward thinking which is exactly how the Silvermoon Medicine Ballcame about. With the knowledge that food is medicine – particularly raw living food – and a reverence for the cacao plant and other superfoods, Stacey Aradhana Silvermoon created the ultimate nutritious and delicious raw and organic treat:  the Silvermoon Medicine Ball.

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A Spoonful of Cacao - Mountain XPress

“I think cacao is nature’s antidepressant,” says Aradhana Silvermoon. Unleashing a radiant smile, she rolls over an exercise ball and starts bouncing her 3-month-old daughter, Perseia, swaddled closely to her chest. Although Silvermoon has cut back significantly on chocolate since beginning to breast-feed, the joy her budding Asheville business brings to both her family and her spirit is readily evident.

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